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Grants Available Nationwide for Historic Markers Celebrating Transportation Canal History

September 11, 2019 9:37 AM | Steve Bodnar

The William G. Pomeroy Foundation has officially opened a new grant round of its Historic Transportation Canals Marker Grant Program. This historic marker program commemorates the history of these important canals across the U.S. Grants cover the entire cost of a marker, pole and shipping.

The Pomeroy Foundation is a private, grant-making foundation based in Syracuse, N.Y. One of its main initiatives is to help people celebrate their community’s history through a variety of roadside marker grant programs, including its historic transportation canals program.

Canal marker grants are available to 501(c)(3) organizations, nonprofit academic institutions, and local, state and federal government entities within the U.S. For details on how to apply, visit the Foundation’s Historic Transportation Canals Marker Grant Program webpage. The deadline to submit an online letter of intent is October 18, 2019. The grant application deadline is November 15, 2019.

“Across the country, canals have long been an important factor in enhancing commerce, travel and development,” said Paula Miller, Executive Director of the Pomeroy Foundation. “Communities want to commemorate the historical significance of transportation canals and this grant program creates the perfect opportunity to do just that with historic markers.”

Markers proposed for the Historic Transportation Canals Marker Grant Program must commemorate a historical canal fact that occurred more than 50 years from the year of the application. Currently, that year is 1969. The colors of the canal markers are blue with black highlighted lettering and border. There are two unique logos for grant recipients to choose from that will allow the markers to be recognizable as commemorating a historic canal. Markers are 18” x 32” cast aluminum with a 7’ aluminum pole.

Visit the Pomeroy Foundation’s historic transportation canals webpage for program details and application guidelines.

About the Pomeroy Foundation
The William G. Pomeroy Foundation is a private foundation established in 2005. The Foundation is committed to supporting the celebration and preservation of community history; and to raising awareness, supporting research and improving the quality of care for patients and their families who are facing a blood cancer diagnosis. To date, the Foundation has awarded nearly 900 grants for historic roadside markers and plaques in multiple states. Visit:

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