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Training Sharing Stories on Contested Histories

May 13, 2019 4:24 PM | MANY Staff (Administrator)

This training aims to reflect on the engagement with and presentation of shared cultural heritage topics in museums that might be considered as being contested. The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands organizes this training in cooperation with the Reinwardt Academy (Amsterdam University of the Arts). The training program will cover two weeks, from Sunday 1 until Friday 13 December 2019 and is open to a limited number of upcoming museum professionals and academics.

This training originates from the need to gain more knowledge on the engagement with and the presentation of contested heritage in the Netherlands. However, as this theme is also topical in our Shared Cultural Heritage partner countries, it could be beneficial to all parties concerned to exchange knowledge, experience and perspectives on this theme. By exploring views on contested heritage from multiple perspectives, this training aims to open up the transnational dialogue on this theme, thus adding new perspectives and approaches to the spectrum from which all parties involved can benefit in practice.

The training is centered around practice-based lectures, discussions and talks, field trips to museums, workshops and training sessions and self-study based on selected literature. These aspects require the active participation of the participants. A complete overview of learning objectives, activities, conditions and the selection process can be found in the letter “Call for Candidates” attached to this email. For an impression of the training program please see the program booklet of the first edition of the training. 

Candidates who wish to apply for the training should meet the following requirements:

  • The candidate works in the heritage or academic field in one of these countries: Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, the United States of America or the Netherlands.
  • The candidate is proficient in the English language, both in written and spoken form.
  • The candidate falls within the age range 25 - 35.
  • The candidate has a bachelor, specialist or master degree.
  • The candidate has at least three years’ work experience in the heritage or the academic field.
  • The candidate can commit to the training period: 1-13 December 2019. It is recommended that the candidate should arrive in the day before the training period commences (30 November) to guarantee attendance.
  • The motivation letter of the candidate (500 words) and a resume have to be submitted before 15 June 2019, 8 AM.

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