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  • July 11, 2019 5:26 PM
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    Integrated Community Alternatives Network (ICAN), a Community-based WRAPAROUND provider of Social and Mental Health services with emphasis on treating the client in a family context, is currently seeking innovative and experienced applicants to fill a Museum Director position as part of the Utica Children’s Museum division.  

    The Children's Museum Director is responsible for leading the transformation of the Utica Children’s Museum and managing the administrative functions of the entity. 

    In the short-term, this includes leading the rebirth of the organization, working with stakeholders, designers, and team-members to oversee the redevelopment of the museum with new exhibits, programs and stakeholders. 

    On an ongoing basis, the Museum Director also provides leadership, vision and direction to the Museum by setting the operational and cultural tone, coordinating with the Board of Directors on long term planning and direction, operating as the Museum representative in media, fundraising and community settings, and overseeing the management of all museum operations through the following duties and responsibilities:

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    ·        Serves as the organizational lead with support from agency leadership on all aspects of the organization’s transformation.

    ·        Expands visibility and credibility of Museum on a local and state level with current or potential stakeholders.

    ·        Reviews all actions of the museum against the mission, vision, values.

    ·        Oversees the ongoing implementation and updating of the Strategic Plan.

    ·        With team, develops exhibits that are engaging, with depth of design, family immersive, and non-duplicative to region.

    ·        Develops, implements and tracks annual business plans and complementary projected budgets.

    ·        Provides supervision and leadership of all museum staff.

    ·        Oversees the development of a volunteer staffing program, including recruitment, training, motivation, and retention of volunteers.

    ·        Develops an annual education program plan with educational staff (i.e. classes, drop-in programs, mission-related events, school programs, group visits, etc.).

    ·        Oversees effective marketing of museum.

    ·        Oversees program development and exhibit rotation in response to public demand. 

    ·        Ensures all exhibits are well maintained, safe, cleaned and kept in good condition.

    ·        Works to plan, schedule, publicize and carryout all museum programming including week classes, special events, camps, member only hours, etc.

    ·        Ensures the consistent delivery of the highest levels of customer service by all employees, volunteers, and representatives of the museum.

    ·        Set up and maintain a computerized database for keeping track of museum membership, donors, grants, volunteers and other stakeholders.

    ·        Actively seek and develop grant opportunities.  Manage approved grants to ensure compliance with requirements.

    ·        Develop relationships within the community to support fundraising, donations, partnerships, and memberships.

    ·        Maintain relationships with the membership to ensure retention and referrals to increase the number of memberships.

    ·        Actively seek involvement from local businesses through the museum’s outreach efforts.

    ·        Initiate, manage, and account for fund drives including a capital campaign and annual appeals.


    A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university is required; a graduate degree(s) is highly preferable. Evidence of continuing education in museum management, general business, finance, marketing or related disciplines would be expected. Skills preferred include: Early Childhood Education and PLAY, Management and Administration, Development and Fundraising, Board Relations and Communications, Stakeholder Relationships, Public Relations and Communications. Strong communication, planning, tracking, problem-solving and decision-making skills a must.

    Interested applicants are invited to submit a letter of interest, resume and list of professional references at our ICAN Career Center at ican.family

    ICAN is an equal opportunity employer.

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