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Aurora Masonic Center

Exhibit will be held at Wells College

170 Main Street 

Aurora, NY 13026

Region: Finger Lakes Region
Budget Size: All Volunteer
Full/Part time Staff: 29 People
Community Population: Town 1865, Village 717

Fun Fact! 

The Aurora Masonic Center often works with local groups in order to put together exhibits for their community! These include the historic Scipio Lodge and Wells College, who they will be working with for the Water/Ways exhibition!

Aurora Masonic Center (AMC) believes that the Water/Ways exhibition will renew an appreciation of New York’s water resources in a wider context. In AMC’s case, this includes the unique agricultural climate of their lakeside location and the significant land use issues that it entails. Equally significant is recognition of the challenges of frequent “hundred-year storms” and the impact of large dairy farms on their water resources. Building upon the Water/Ways exhibition opens a remarkable opportunity to stage exhibits and lectures that relate the water stories of Lodge members from 1797 forward—which are the stories of the village, history, business, arts and culture. Cayuga Lake figuratively and literally brought settlers, supported their agricultural and commercial endeavors, gave recreation and relaxation and inspiration. It shaped the character of local institutions in the past and continues to attract strong tourism that supports the economy and the regions culture today. Over the last five years, exhibits and lectures on topics including water powered mills, early agriculture, underwater archaeology, canal-related immigration, lake recreation and rescues, and horticulture have been among AMC's partnered projects. Working with Wells College, AMC plans to promote education on the surrounding water systems and their importance through the Water/Ways exhibition. Both communities have worked on waterway education before and are looking forward to this unique opportunity. 

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