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Erie Canal Museum

318 Erie Boulevard East

Syracuse, NY 13202



Region: Central Region

Budget Size: $100,000 - $499,999

FT/PT Staff:  10 People             

Community Population: 143,000 

Fun Fact!
The Erie Canal Museum is home to the only weighlock building in the United States! A weighlock is a specialized canal lock designed to determine the weight of barges to assess toll payments. 

Showcasing the only remaining canal weighlock building in the United States, the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse, New York collects and preserves Canal material, and provides educational experiences that champion an appreciation and understanding of the Erie Canal's transforming effects on the past, present, and future. The Museum is located directly adjacent to the route of the original Erie Canal, which transported goods, people, and ideas across New York State and into the Midwest and was known as the "Mother of Cities" due to its enormous impact on the growth and development of communities including Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Chicago. The institution uses original artifacts, audio narratives, replica boats, and permanent and changing exhibits to share the story of the Canal's inception, construction, role in water management, and economic and social influence throughout New York and the United States. The Museum also hosts lectures and other programs that take a critical look at this artificial waterway, including its effects on Native American people and natural bodies of water such as Onondaga Lake, once the most polluted lake in North America.

As an institution that focuses on harnessing the power of water, water's economic and cultural role; and the impact that artificial waterways have on natural bodies of water, the Erie Canal Museum is well suited to host the Water/Ways exhibit. Their Water/Ways programs will help improve the public’s understanding of technology and engineering related to water, how the Canal affects the natural position of water for different purposes, how it manages water, and how it transported people, goods, and ideas. Its Water/Ways programs will also examine the Canal’s 200-year impact on water ecology, with an emphasis on Onondaga Lake.

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