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Chapman Historical Museum 

348 Glen Street 

Glen Falls, NY 12801



Region: Capital Region
Budget Size: $100,000 - $499,999
Full/Part time Staff: 4 People
Community Population: 14,328 

Fun Fact! 

Chapman Museum is currently working with other organizations in their area to prepare for the Suffrage Centennial of New York State! They will be hosting programs leading up to the national celebration of this event in 2020!

Water has been an important factor in the history surrounding the area of the Chapman Historical Museum. The rivers and lakes offered transportation routes for armies during the French & Indian and Revolutionary Wars. In the 1830s, the Feeder Canal supplied essential water to the Champlain Canal at its height of land. The Hudson River provided water power for the lumber and paper industries, and later, the generation of electricity. Educational programs focusing on preserving the history of water are a strong part of Chapman's mission. During the Water/Ways exhibition, the Chapman Historical Museum will present multidisciplinary programs that deal with three key waterways in the region around Glens Falls – The Hudson River, The Champlain Canal and the Lake George/Champlain watershed. The programs will address environmental concerns that are imbedded in water preservation education. The project aims to increase recreational use of the Feeder Canal Trail and the Hudson River, and increase public understanding of the significance of the issues that affect water quality. Today, PCB contamination, paper mill pollution in the Hudson River, and nutrient runoff and invasive species in the Lake George/ Lake Champlain watershed are rising. These waterways are crucial to the region, providing drinking water for municipalities and serving as the main attraction for tourism. The Chapman Historical Museum project with Water/Ways will bring attention to the issues again within a larger regional context.


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