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Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village

3755 Tonawanda Creek Road 

Amherst, NY 14228

Region: Western Region
Budget Size: $550,000 - $999,999
FT/PT Staff: 11 People
Community Population: 130,000

Fun Fact! 

Every year, Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village presents the Buffalo Niagara Scottish Festival!

Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village (BNHV) is located at the confluence of the original Erie Canal and Tonawanda Creek- in fact, the point of convergence lies directly outside of their front door. This is also the location of the West End of the Lockport Portage, which allowed for use of the Canal to continue during construction of the locks. BNHV takes advantage of their unique location by highlighting Canal history through current, child-focused exhibits, their collection of historic Canal photographs, and special historic walking tours and interpretation both along the Canal and in the historic village. Their working historic farmstead and upcoming Farm to Table exhibit highlight the impact of local water resources, including the Erie Canal, local bodies of water, and Niagara Falls, on agriculture and local ways of life. BNHV is excited to further highlight the region’s unique water history through the Water/Ways exhibit, which will allow them to further involve the community by inviting residents to share their family’s own water story and contribute photographs, stories, and other memorabilia to be preserved in BNHV’s collection.

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