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Sunday, April 16

1:00 - 2:30 PM                                 




Theme Dynamics: engagement with inconvenient truths in museum exhibitions


Nicholas West

Co-director, University Museums

Colgate University

Susanna White

Head of Collections

Colgate University Museums

Rebecca Mendelsohn


Longyear Museum of Anthropology

Kali Steinberg

Curatorial Assistant

Picker Art Gallery

This session examines recent exhibitions at the University Museums at Colgate as a starting point for open discussion about how other institutions do or could use collaboration around a theme to facilitate the exhibition of inconvenient truths. Conversation may revolve around the challenges institutions may face in implementing such strategies due to a lack of diversity on staff, resistance from boards or leadership, and the demographic makeup of their audiences. The session will provide museum professionals–particularly those from small and medium-sized organizations–with a venue for sharing how museums might develop new strategies for increasing engagement with inconvenient truths in exhibitions.

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